The call

You get a call from a client and there’s an issue that needs to be fixed immediately.  Flying someone to the location is going to take too long.  Here’s the scenario:  You have history with a specific stalker and your client.  This person has fallen off the radar screen for about 2 years and seems to have focused on other productive things.  He/she stops taking their meds and gets enamored again with your client.

The stalker begins tweeting about how she is in the area where the client is and all the “alarms” go off.  Time for action.  I had Brian call the local PD with the file we had on this person in hand.  We were directed to an Officer who lives in the neighborhood for free.  In police jargon, this is called a “rent job”.  The officer is allowed to reside rent free in exchange for answering domestic calls, alarms etc.  We call him and get him dialed in on the situation.

In the meantime Brian calls the stalker, who knows Brian from our past experience them, and ascertains their reason for being in the area.  He and me call the stalker to get a location and relay it to the officer.  They run a loose surveillance on the individual throughout the day.  We then gain intel that he/she only has enough money on them to last for a day.  Brian gathers more information that reveals that he/she had been planning this trip for about a month.  As all of this is transpiring we have the protectee moved to a safehouse.

All of this was done in a matter of minutes due to maintaining relationships, having a case file readily available, with pictures and viable information to relay to the local authorirtes.  It did help that me and Brian are former law enforcement and that broke the walls down with the police personnel.

Are you ready for the call?  Every situation will not afford you the opportunity to deploy personnel.  And in this case I will not charge the client for the work done.  Thats what we call client relations.

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