The client conspiracy

It is a common topic of mine to dress down the catfish network and how they systematically steal clients.

This blog is about how a client can conspire to steal you and in turn you look like you walked away with your company’s client.

We are not in the business of protection to become friends of the client. It happened to my company when I ruled against our standards and my better judgement.

When I client becomes comfortable with a specialist or a team of specialist they will call the security company and specifically ask for those individuals. You don’t pay it any attention because you’re caught up in the fact that they love your company and the service you provide. You don’t even remember that its the guys on the ground that are the frontline to your success. So you keep sending what the client requests even to the point that if the specialist is not available you ask them “permission” to send someone else. Remember you brokered the deal on a service you provided. When you get to the point where you are asking to replace a specific specialist there is a connection there. From all outward appearances it is harmless but on the other side there is an unwitting conspiracy transpiring.

What happens is that one day, for whatever reason, they call the specialist to ask if he can come in to work under them. Depending on the specialists allegiance to you and his mindset he weighs the pros and cons. Mindset will prevail over allegiance and money will be added to the equation.

The factor of making more by cutting you out will erase allegiance in a weak mindset. The trap has been set and your valued specialist is now a thief in your eyes yet the client set the table in a way that anyone would have taken a nibble. At least anyone with a weak mindset.

So who’s at fault. Well if you never had a non compete executed you can stop right there because only you can protect yourself in this situation. The client is culpable because they know deep down inside they are ethically wrong and if the shoes were reversed they would feel the same way. Lastly the specialist is a morally, non ethical and weak human being for not seeing this happening and allowing it to foster.

Be wise when it comes to clients because they are business people too. This blog is not far fetched because I’ve seen it happen.

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