The customer is always right?

That may be the retail and/or service mantra with food services but in our business, we can not afford to reside exclusively in this belief.

The aforementioned mantra is lived by under the auspices that keeping a client happy will keep a client coming back. “my fries are soggy” is rarely met with the retort, “sir, I just took those fried out of the grease.” More often than not the response is, ” I will cook you a new order”. A $1.00 order of fries is a write off. Companies can still survive on that type of loss.

In our world we have to find a balance between client request and protection reality. Your relationship that you foster with a client can manage your customer relations in times of questionable requests.

In the corporate arena where a C suite client is used to making world changing decisions you’ll find it difficult to rebut a seemingly simple request on their
part. Let’s face it, most protectees look at what we do and look at the bottom line – money. We generate no money for the company, however, we cost them X amount of dollars to basically show a presence and look good at it They can’t measure what we’ve thwarted unless there was an issue that they can remember.

In a HTP or PSD detail there is no room for negotiation when it comes to ” the client is right ” mantra. The ever present possibility of bullets flying or an IED is a convincing argument on your behalf.

I remember picking up a protectee at a private FBO in Mexico. The FBO looked like a desolate movie set. Tumbleweed rolled down the Tarmac. In short they hadn’t seen a private jet arrive since the first rooster in Mexico cocka-doodle-dood. We had a crowd gathering and had to pay another limo group some dead presidents to leave our driver alone for crossing the invisible Mexican union line. As I boarded the plane my protectee was seated in a extravagant warm up suit on her phone. I interrupted her and motioned that we had to leave. She stated to whomever was on the other line, “girl I gotta go, Eric has that look on his face”. That look she saw when we thwarted an attack in Orlando Florida.

Given the same circumstances, are you comfortable doing the same thing with your client? Can you justify on the fly why you interrupted a private or personal call. You better be able to or you’d be going home on that old school Vance bus

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