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You can start putting the word out to your colleagues, other operators, specialists and company owners and even clients.  The eBook will address matters and subjects that company owners, fellow colleagues and others DON’T want you to know.  Their mindset is make it on your own, coupled with the fact that they don’t know the proper way either.

I will address the industry, where it is, where it is going and what needs to be done.  I will speak to those people that are looking to get into this business and give them all a GUT CHECK on what it is that is driving them towards us.  This is not a fad or a fall back craft when all else fails.  I speak to everyone that has decided that this is where their “calling” is and the proper steps to finding a “Good” basic EP course, what to do before you register, what to do after the school and how to get your name out there in the field.  I also let them know what to look for before and after you hitch your wagon to a company.  Documents that you should sign and those documents that you should think about before signing.

I visit the IRS section of this industry, meaning that many of the guys in this industry want to paid as a 1099 and no taxes to be taken out.  As a business owner and as a privateer you need to know that there are serious penalties trying to swerve to avoid the tax issue.

Then I go into the section I call “Operator to Owner” where I speak to a common trend [like me] where the EP Kazoo whispers in your ear to take that leap from Operator to company owner.  This section talks about how make that transition, what to look out for and how the calls to you as an vetted specialist that everyone used to call, suddenly ceases.

NO ONE has reached back to guide folks in the right direction.  I was just fortunate that I surrounded myself with men of like attainment and others that respected me as an Operator/Specialist to the transition to Owner.  No matter what level or stage you are in this industry this book will help you RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE.

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  1. Leon S. Adams

    I’ll keep an eye out for the release date.

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