The EP coach

I have seemingly taken on one individual and one company as a mentor of sorts. Both contacted me after the blog took a life of it’s own as well as @BPI_Security and my linkedin accounts.

The individual, who in the business is referred to as a lone wolf, came to be distraught with the business after he had sought guidance from a well known business owner who appeared less interested in helping him than getting his money. The other mentee, a business owner approached me via direct message on twitter after reading my countless diatribes on professionalism and wanted to re-brand his company image.

I have made it a personal point to answer any and all questions from people in the business. Not because I think I know it all, but because I feel that I can make a positive impact on the way this industry moves forward.

I have offered others that I will look at their operation and make recommendations on how to proceed or fine tune what they have going thus far.

There is but so much we can do by phone or email but any positive impact will help RIGHT this ship of ours. If you feel you are not moving forward or feel that you are taking on water, don’t hesitate to contact me or Minister. I am taking the luxury of putting his name out there because I know he feels the same way I do about this thing of ours. We both come from a long line of EP pedigree from Chuck Vance, Pete Gonzales and others.

There are countless valued experts out here that have called, and emailed me about what I am doing. Because of that I feel compelled to offer this EP coaching guidance.

Before you start bombarding me with emails. Let me get a couple ground rules set. I am not going to help set your shop up or tell you how to start your business. But what I will do is help you where you are. If you’re already set up as a company then I will assist you at that point. If you are a lone wolf I will assist you there-right where you are. From proper selection and vetting of companies to work for, what to look out for in contracts of service etc. To even etiquette and attire. All of this is past proven with BPI and the industry. Your approach to professionalism starts with an internal mechanism that’s either innate and needs honing or has to be taught. Either way, your success is depending in it.

I can also assist those of you that want to re-brand yourself out of the stereotypical “bodyguard” image. There has to be a strategic shift in image and mindset. It’s not too late for anyone but the path to excellence and professionalism is narrow with various enticing shortcuts along the way that will lead even the best astray. In my view there is absolutely nothing appealing to be known as the “go to” bodyguard in this industry. But there is a sexiness and romantic appeal to be viewed as the EP specialist everyone wants on their details or the company every client wants to sit down with.

In a market where image is nothing but, really is everything at the same time, this can be viewed as me being your EP image coach.

If you feel this service can help you kickstart your career back on track or get you realigned with success, contact me for more details. The proof is in the pudding and the flavor of this pudding is called BPI.

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