The EP Go Bag

The term itself is almost self explanatory.  Many specialists have one and each of their Go Bags differ from on specialists to another.  The whole premise of a go bag can differ from person to person depending on what they feel is important to grab and GO at a moments notice.  From and EP perspective our GO bag will differ and, in most cases, will not resemble too much of a GO bag of someone working overseas, however there will be a couple things that will be in both.  Forteh sake of this blog we are not talking about travelinng where you will be wearing a plate carrier.  We are talking about corporate EP.

First, the BAG.  I have a Blackhawk 3-day assualt backpack that Minister and Ice gave me several years ago as a birthday gift.  There are countless others out there but I use the assault pack for all of it compartments and ease of transport.  I take it everywhere I go.  In it I always have Odwalla Bars, tylenol, and Cipro and the always important Imodium AD.  I NEVER leave home without the latter.  I’ve traveled to countries where everything you ingested was disease ridden.  On one morning in particular we were in Liberia and getting ready for a large movement.  While in the lobby, I felt the urge of what seemed to me like an unstoppable extended time on the porcelain altar.  I popped two (2) Cipro and two (2) Imodium and I was good .  The Imodium froze the urge and the Cipro killed it.  All was good for the rest of the day.

The rest of my bag holds the essentials of a quick movement.  When I am home I keep the aformentioned essentials as well as a full set of clothes and under garments, toiletries and wet wipes.  I also have hand sanitizer. olive drab duct tape as well as about 100 feet of paracord.  I do not keep any items in it that can not pass through TSA.  That means, I don’t carry my Leatherman or any knives in it.  They go in my check bags and upon arrival I carry them on my person

In saying that I know many guys will put water in their bags, but as you know, you can not pass through TSA if you are traveling, so you’ll have to purchase that on the other side of TSA or when you land if you have time.  The other essential item(s) is a boo-boo kit for minor medical ailments.  If you have a complete IFAK you probably won’t get through TSA with the scissors, so you’ll have to pack that in check bags and transfer into your Go-Bag upon landing.  Some guys never work without an IFAK.  We keep a FAT kick ready for travel as well.

To finalize my Go-Bag I keep extra batteries for my flashlite, extra survellance kit and other pieces, several writing tools, two (2) pocket size memo pads, crystal light and the always needed  chapstik.  Depending on the area we are going in I will also take suntan lotion.  I have found that there are others on my team that are very sensative to the sun.  I won’t say their name but their initials are TheMTMS.

That is my executive protection Go-Bag, you can augment yours to your own style and needs.  What I will caution you on is that I never go to my Go-Bag for non detail related needs.  If I need to take Tylenol, I never go to my bag for it.  What inevitably happens is that you’ll use it and forget to replace it and when you’re on a detail you’ll need it and it’s gone.  I suggest you keep a list in your bag of what is always there and audit the bag upon returning home to make sure you are fully stocked.

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