The fight against temptation

Yesterday I got captivated by the Michael Jackson trial.  Not because I am overwhelmed by the pop star nor am I a addict for court tv.  But I knew that one of Jackson’s bodyguards, who apparently assisted Doctor Murray, would be on the stand testifying for the prosecution.

His testimony was a clear sign of what I wrote on called the Gradient Scale.  Even as went over the moments when he was told to go into the residence you could clearly see him relive the moments physically.  The prosecutor asked him had he ever been asked to do any interviews to which he stated, “Yes, approximately 30.”  Then the prosecutor asked if he had been asked to do interviews for payment.  He replied, “Yes about 9 or 10 times.”  He went on to say that on one occasion he was told he would receive $200, 000 for one interview and $500,000 for another, yet he declined.  In the midst of other bodyguards that went on a “Let me tell you about Michael Jackson” tour, Mr. Alzarez fought off the temptation for an easy pay day and walk.  Bravo Sir!

I was so captured by his professionalism and integrity that when I got in my car I could not help myself.  I pulled over and pulled out my iphone and videotaped my first impromptu taping for the BPISecurity YouTube Channel.  Although I had planned to do more planned videos, tutorials etc., I was so taken by his character that I had to give him my first addition to the channel.

Granted, Mr. Alvarez still has to face the defense attorney angle at punching holes in his memory of the facts and his story line, I had to applaud his maintenance of what inner integrity he had.  Mr. Alvarez went on to say that since that dreadful day, he has fallen into financial strife and unable to get work.  Mr. Alvarez has the core foundation of what this industry is missing.  I can not speak to his training or anything else, but in the current day atmosphere of celebrity protection he is an anomaly.  I read these bodyguards daily on blogs and Twitter spewing the personal business of their protectees as if there is nothing wrong. 

So Mr. Alvarez, this blog is for you, your professionalism, integrty and the fabric you are made of.

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