The First BPI Security Q & A Friday

Well everyone today was the first BPI Security Q & A Friday where I answered the questions sent to me over the past week. In my zeal to answer them I realized that I left one question out from Carl Harper. Carl, I will answer your question for next week’s Q & A session. You can always call me if you want to discuss over the phone. One of the things I realized after receiving the questions was that I was not clear on being specific with your questions. So my responses were based on my literal interpretation of how I read the question.

One thing was synonomous in all of them – professionalism. I was very happy that Rich Roth of CTI Consulting asked his question about how to employ defensive hand or arm movements to keep liability issues at an acceptable level. What’s curious about this is that over the last week or so there have been a couple of discussions on separate groups within Linkedin about martial arts and which one is best for executive protection. Regardless of which one you prefer and no matter how much each expert in their respective discipline says theirs fits EP the best, if you do not understand the force continuum and reasonable force, you are going to find yourself in criminal court, civil court or both. Striking someone in an offensive manner falls just below deadly force on the force continuum, however in far too many cases it is the first response. Any martial arts training absent of well versed understanding of the force continuum is like putting a gun in an untrained persons hands.

All of the questions were very good and very informative to specialists out there that are going through the same thing. I want to personally applaud James Drain for stepping out of the shadows and asking the question that many others in his position are either too afraid to ask or don’t have anyone they feel they can ask and get a correct answer. Thanks James

Continue sending your questions and get the word out to everyone that, “BPI Security is instilling professionalism in the industry, one specialist at a time.”

Click on the link to see the video- BPI Security Q & A

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