The gear mafia got me

I got a new plate carrier/vest from a friend a couple weeks ago. It came void of any pouches.
So I went to the Blackhawk page and ordered several items for my new kit so that I could attend another training in TX in June. I paid particular attention to the line that said “in stock”. This week I received just the rifle mag pouches.
I called the gear mafia on phone only to be told that the other items are back ordered.
Change that d@mn website. It still says in stock. You’ve already charged my card and now I’m held hostage until April and May.
Now Mr Blackhawk. We all know you are a former member of the Teams. How would you feel if you were told that your evac is on the way only to be told we are waiting for the pilots to come to work.
I want my stuff.


  1. Rhino

    There is a new piece of gear that is out that I think everyone in the industry should have when doing armed gigs and it's called the RDAB by Point Blank . Maybe we can have a equipment review blog here too . So when a new piece of gear comes out someone can test it out and we can hear the reviews and comments about it ,so we know if it is a suitable piece that is needed by us in the industry.I sent a link to you about the RDAB and I plan purchasing one to have for myself.


  2. BPI Security

    I agree. Will set up the equipment section

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