The gray area

This topic was brought about during a conversation with Rhino this week and I realized that it is a subject that has crossed our path before.

We have a long term detail with a protectee who happens to be married to a member of a royal family. She is covered by official personnel by that country. We are responsible for the husband who is a high level official with his company. His company wanted him to be covered while in CONUS. Although we are not responsible for the wife there is some overlap in coverage when rhino works alongside the official team.

We ran into this same scenario with the saudis some years back. Is easy to get caught in that gray area when it seems like it’s one big detail but in the end its not. Working in conjunction is one thing. Thinking you’re all the same is totally different. Defining the lines in that gray area is key to success.

Last week I was trying to figure out why our rental fees were so high. When I spoke to the rental manager he said that he had put my contract under the embassy’s contract. He assumed that because they worked alongside each other they were one in the same.
My question was how did he know that in the first place and why did he assume that we worked for country in question. At any rate I gave him the speech that separated the two entities.

This mistake can easily be had by the uninitiated but can not be had by the professional. It’s vital to know who you work for and who you work with. Don’t get sucked into the gray vortex.

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