The investment

Those of you that know me know that I am a gym rat. I do crossfit circuits and follow up each day with cardio. I carry a TRX system and bands with me when I’m on travel.

But what I’ve been doing lately is P90x in the evenings. WHOA! I am a strict advocate for functional exercises but where does this guy get these from. On the surface, they aren’t hard, but in conjunction with others that pre exhaust the muscle groups- it is a time bomb. We did the core synergistics last night and it was push up heavy. I can do 200 push ups with bands however the way he has combo’d the exercises I felt like a silver back gorilla was on my back.

I’m just trying to stay above the curb and average is not good for me. There are other Programs out there like the insanity program mark is doing.

Remember, you are your own calling card. Invest in yourself.

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