The “IT” factor.

Mark refers it to the “cream” but to the layman it is also known as the “it” factor.

That cream or it is the Ability to be able to flow with the circumstances you’re dealt and still have the uncanny ability to get the task and mission accomplished.

Often that ability is met by hurdles strewn across your path by non security persons or even worse, those non security personnel that are self proclaimed security experts. Most of us know them as staffers of the client. They are often the POC’s (point if contacts) that have been charged to get security for their company.

The “it” factor is when the specialist can make the POC feel that he/she is getting exactly what they asked for but the mission is not harmed by their non security requests.

Example: the POC wants a heavy head or heavy presence at the main access. You know that by doing this you are vulnerable at other posts due to manpower. The specialist with the “it” factor posts less guys on the main entrance and disseminates his men tactfully throughout the entranceway as you walk into the event. He had accomplished many things here. He hasn’t wasted valuable assets outside of the event (when there was no tangible intel it was really needed) yet he has posted men within the venue that can still cover the event from the inside where the guests are. This is what Whiskey Whiskey did on thursday. Good job brother.

Second example: the event is taking place at the main venue. We have a large contingency transitioning from the main venue to an offsite location. Kilo Tango who was the shift lead last night secured the second location prior to our departure and secured the location before the guests and 2 notables arrived. Good job.

Both of these guys, admittedly stated that they have less than 10 years of experience but both have exhibited the mindset of a grizzled veteran. They have definitely passed the BPI measuring rod.

The “it” factor is not something you get from osmosis. It’s not learned. It’s that je ne sais quoi that separates the fact from fiction, the varsity from JV or the big leagues from the minors.

Hey, I see you working at it. Your suit is nice, you smell good and have all the high speed gear, but you just don’t have “IT”. Keep working at it.

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