The Konohia doctrine

These are the rules I stand by with my company with no room for error: Always maintain a professional behavior and a positive attitude, always be on time and ready to work, maintain
and keep your licenses current, train as often as you can and keep yourself in fighting trim, do paperwork expeditiously and CORRECT and lastly, remember the BPI 2 protectee rule. At the end of the detail there are 2 protectees that must return safe – the person in the right rear seat of the limo and the other client named Integrity.

I encourage and reinforce with all of my specialists the difference between a bodyguard and an EP professional. The way you dress, your demeanor, how you perform/operate even down to the simplest things as how you look standing post. Talking to women, in an attempt to gain their attention is not only unprofessional, but it is a diversion. A diversion initiated by YOU!

People are enamored by what we do. The mystique and the level of professionalism is magnetic and can get the best specialist off course. It is not uncommon for people to come up to you to strike a conversation about frivolous banter as well as trying to get a job. There is nothing wrong with saying I am working right now and can’t discuss it with you. Always remember- people are watching, especially the people who are paying us. If they feel they are wasting their money, we won’t get called back. And if that happens I can promise you that you won’t get called back by me either.

The watchword for all that we do is Professionalism. On this last detail we received countless accolades from the C-suite personnel as well as friends of the protectee and attendees. Our protectee had 8 years of official protection at one time as well as other private companies. However, a childhood friend that traveled with us told us that we were the best that he has seen. I take that seriously and if you get the call from me to work, so should you.

As you can see, my rules are simple. If you’re lacking in any area, work on it and let me know when you’re ready. I believe in leaving no man behind, but if we dont start from the same mindset you’ll be left right where you’re standing- watching BPI leave for another successful detail.

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