The lost protocols

This week I started doing Questions of the day (QOTD). My rationale was not to embarrass anyone but to educate and enlighten many of the aspiring specialists in the social media realm.

I look at peoples bios under their profile and when I see executive protection specialist I automatically have an expectation of what should be known if you’re claiming that moniker. When I see “High threat” I tend to ask myself if the person is claiming that due to the clients threat assessment, the environment or just plain embellishment.

So I decided to ask, what I thought, were basic questions were only responded to by one operator on twitter and about 4 specialists on linkedin. They’re responses were spot on as well as they appreciated the questions

I pondered the lack of response and surmised that the possible reasons were that: no one was as interested as I thought, fear of giving the wrong answer, lack of real time knowledge of what I was asking and finally, what I feared the most, that people arent being taught the information and even though they feel they are qualified and or feel they’ve operated on a high threat detail/environment and haven’t.

If you feel that you have and aren’t sure, you need to talk to the many true operators or specialists out here that have and see where you really stand.

Worse case scenario is that you et picked up by a company that doesn’t vet their people and you wind up getting hurt in the fog of war or get someone else hurt.

Check your status

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