The meaning of “Executive” In Executive Protection

When we claim we provide executive protection what form of “executive” are you providing? The noun or the adjective?

-noun: a person or group of persons having administrative or supervisory authority in an organization.  [In our world this is the protectee]

-adjective: of pertaining to, or suited for carrying out plans, duties, etc [describes the type of  protection we are supposed to provide]

 Understanding the difference can increase, or at least should, increase you view and output when working.  The common mistake is to view the world “Executive” as the noun which refers to the principal.  That narrow mindedness means that we provide security for executives.  But as we all know, everyone we provide security for is not an executive.  By that mere distinction one thing is always prevailing irrespective of the status of the principal- The type of protection we provide!

For those of us that take every advance, detail, and assessment serious we constantly keep in mind that the level of service we do is of a much higher caliber than that of our young brother-uniformed security.  The level of security you provide has nothing to do with the $1,000 tailored suit or the $300 Ferragamo shoes.  It has to do with a ever present MINDSET and the ability to transmit your knowledge and training in an “executive” manner.  How you look is a subsidiary of what you emit from the inside.  Suits are just threads, but mindset is your fiber.

So I encourage everyone that claims they do executive protection to look at this title as the adjective and not the noun.   Soon I will distinguish the difference between Personal Protection andPersonnel Protection.  Mark Fair [TheMTMS] opened my eyes to this some time ago and there is a clear difference in what we do and what we provide for the principal.

Be the adjective!!!

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