The Midas Touch

In Greek legend Midas was a King who was granted any reward by the God Dionysis for a good deed Midas had done. Midas asked that anything he touched should be turned to gold and was given that power. Only then did Midas realize he would starve to death and asked to be relieved of the power.
In modern days if we say someone has the Midas touch we mean that everything they do is successful or profitable.

There is that special seasoning that we can put on a detail, to the client and with the protectee that can separate you from the average specialist.

Something as simple as “yes sir or yes ma’am” goes a long way in the Midas touch realm. That person maybe younger than you but the mere expression extends light years in the eyes of your clients and/ or protectees.

We have a very notable client who is my age but everyone around him calls him by either his first name or his initials. Even people that see us on the street address him as if he is their lifelong friend. That’s due to the fact that they all know him from his profession. The only words that part my mouth is Mr so-and-so. Eventhough he happens to be my fraternity brother which places us in a whole other realm I refuse to address him as “frat”, “bruh” or otherwise. The mere relationship afforded by associated ourselves as fraternity brother allows the right to address him as such. But I refuse. It’s always “sir” or Mr. So-and-so. That’s that Midas touch I’m referring to. As such he has never gone astray with our professional relationship and sought protection other than here.

Funny but true story. Me and mark were with him in Italy. He wanted to walk about to shop at night. So walking we did. It was pouring down raining, like a bull pissing on a flat rock. Mark was inside the Todd store with him and I was outside in the rain. Our protect came to the window, looked at me and shook his head with a smile and said to mark, “look at my boy getting wet”. Marks reply was “yes sir”. Getting wet was a temporary inconvenience in an overall mission.

Here’s another one. We were called to go on a trip to west Africa. Mark had previous experience with this region as a US marine. We assessed the area to be traveled and requested additional personnel on the shift. But because we were new with this client we were shut down. I should tell you at this point of the story that the protectee in this particular event was with us in UAE with the protectee in the aforementioned story and he observed how we did what we do and called upon our services. The persons who shot us down had no experience with EP professionals and to me it was an exhibit of showing us who really was in charge. I wrote an email to the POC detailing why we needed the added specialist. This was my CYA letter. Let me speed through this story.

The night we arrived they extras in the entourage were scared after we departed with the protectee and they were left at a pitch black war torn airport.

When they arrived at the hotel the POC pulled me aside and asked where was the extra security. I advised that she had declined my offer. Her retort, ” I don’t play the blame game”. The first stanza of the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling came to mind.
“If you can keep your head when all about you is losing theirs and blaming
it on you.”
If you can trust when all men doubt you but make allowances for their doubting too”

Instead of arguing I simply said, “yes ma’am”. Kill em with kindness. The Midas touch. This trip has many
stories, far too many to type here but lets just say, BPI prevailed anyway.

The Midas touch can help you maintain your relationship with clients and EP companies.

The modern day Midas touch is not the same as king Midas. The modern day Midas touch is simply – a touch of professionalism.

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