The misconception of a company and a regsitered company

There are countless individuals that have catchy names for themselves and their so-called security companies.  I wanted to address a subject that I put on the BPI Security YouTube channel yesterday.  There is a huge misunderstanding about having a company name.  I receive resumes and bios all the time from people with names like “Executive Protection Associates” as well as others.  What happens is that when guys get into the business they come up with a catchy name, register that name with the their state to get their letters of incorporation and then to the IRS to get an EIN.  That is the process of getting a company name registered and you have the right to do so.

Where the rubber comes off the road is that these same people fail to register their company with the governing body that regulates the services that they claim they are providing.  You can not operate under that name legitimately under the guise of executive protection.  In states like Virginia, even if you have your personal PPS (personal protection specialist) license as an individual and you have a company name that is registered with the IRS, you still can not operate or receive payment under that company name without it (the company) being a registered licensed company with DCJS.

So, when you send me your resumes and they are from JackSmith@yahoo.com please do not have Smith Protective Services at the top of your resume if you are not a recognized licensed entity to operate in your respective state.  You will be treated as Jack Smith the individual specialist.  Conversely, you should take all of this in consideration if you are sending proposals and contracts to clients as well.  I hate to burst many bubbles out there but I want to make sure that everyone is abreast of what the rules are.  Having a company name does not give you legitimate operating status under that catchy company name.

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