The Murdoch attack

I was doing paperwork and watching the Murdoch hearings when I witnessed the pie throwing incident as it unfolded.

Although i not immediately determine what exactly was happening but the shear terror on James Murdochs face revealed that he was in fear.

As the news stations replayed the incident you could clearly see an unknown man reach toward rupert Murdoch with a pie tin which had a white cream substance. The next series of events were astonishing. There was an unknown female sitting to the left rear of Rupert who lunged forward placing her right hand on murdochs shoulder ad shield him at the same time. As she did so she blocked the suspects hand and deflected the pie. Instantaneously, Murdochs wife, Wendy Dang (sp) lunged forward and slaps the suspect with he right hand. All of this went down in seconds. Shortly thereafter you can see the Bobbies respond.

I am not sure if the first woman was security personnel or if either of them have and training but they responded effectively with celerity before the trained personnel did.

Can it be said that women are more adapt to do security? Are they, by
virtue of their maternal instincts, more inclined to respond faster?


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