The necktie noose

Another scary thought is the necktie. Conceivably a clip on is the safest bet, but what’s the chance of a grown man wearing a $3 clip on tie.

I know of EP specialists that have converted good ties into tear-aways by tying a windsor knot, cutting the back and sewing a velcro strip to it. You still have a nice tie that can not be used a hangman’s noose.

The scary part of the tie is that once the tie is pulled you have almost instantaneous constriction. Restricting blood to the brain results in almost immediate issues

The key to this is gaining control of the tie as well as the hand of the attacker. Here is the time when you escalate up the force continuum fast due tongue severity of the assault. This may be that moment where a discreet groin tap may be necessary. Enough to stun your adversary yet not bring about the belief that you are about to unleash a UFC butt whipping. Remember, just enough to stun enough to gain control and gain distance.

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