The “non” aspirant

One of the things we do in the first day of the MTMS course is go over the pros and cons of former law enforcement and military persons coming through the course. Mark has a chart that breaks down the baseline training of each institution and compares it to the core training of an EP specialists where you can see the clear differences.

We believe that protection has it’s own respective core training that, in it’s purest form, contradicts that of military and law enforcement. That is NOT to say that either institution doesn’t bring attributes to the table, but in most cases it is in conflict with the wiring necessary for a pure EP specialist.

In all three groups there is a sacrifice element however we feel that the willingness to sacrifice from and EP agent differs from that of a police officer or military line unit. Notwithstanding the obvious possibility of putting yourself in harms way to protect someone you don’t know is inherently contrary to how we are made up. Granted an officer dons the badge and goes on patrol to enforce the laws of his jurisdiction and protect citizens but there is a saying, “I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6”. The key premise is self preservation. Police officers deal with a crisis situation whereas and EP specialist runs from a crisis. Military as well, deal with a crisis. There may be an instance where there may be a slight retreat but eventually the crisis is dealt with.
At the end of all of our courses we do an oral critique with our students. Outside the obvious accolades one student from Canada said that what he felt good about was that he always feel out of place and uncomfortable coming to training courses because he doesn’t have the Police or military background.

He went on to say that he had conversed with another student who happened to be a former chief of police and in that conversation the former chief said that he liked the way we checked our A-Type personalities at the door.

The overall compliment was that we started with mindset and emphasized it through out the course. Moreover the course was fashioned in a building block style. Everything works together in the end. A student from Russia stated that he had attended a 3 week armor group course that was broken down with the first week dedicated to shooting, the 2nd to driving and the 3rd to formations. It was our course that made his AG course make sense.

We don’t just teach, we explain why everything is done a certain way to instill the mindset.

So it does not matter what your background is there is a place/seat for you at the MTMS course. Question is will you fall for the glitz and glitter of a name and fall prey to spending your hard earned money and still not know why you are trained to do something a certain way.

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  1. Walter Perkins

    Eric, I was just speaking on this point before I left, my brother and I were talking and stated that he was looking at attending an EP course and it was out of state, and he ask my opinion. My reply might sound a little crazy because at first I told him don’t waste his money, I have just completed an EP course that I thinks you should attend, but then I was like no go ahead and attend that other course and then come to this one, that way you will truly have that appreciation for the knowledge and the application of that knowledge learned in the MTMS course.

    Trust I understand the saving them money and I am sure you would like to catch a student before they have been for lack of better words tainted by as Mark would say “catfish” instructors which in-turn makes “catfish” eps… But the flip side to that as in my case and others some times is takes attending bulls*** classes or classes like AG to gain the appreciation of attending a class like you provide, that will give periods of instruction on the mindset and the understanding of “cream”. 

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