I watched a video this morning of Joe Jonas getting rushed and hugged by two (2) separate female fans. Although there was no harm inflicted, it is, by all intent and purposes, that was a successful attack! We can not minimize the facts. Two (2) females got to the principal and touched him. Given the circumstance, if either had a weapon the damage would have been done.

The BG’s got to the fans and peeled them off of their protectee and removed them without incident. All is well right? NO? I have on many occasions said that there is a real justification for Bodyguard work and this specific incident is a BG case. Herein lies the disadvantage that a BG has. This blog is for you and to help you succeed.

First thing: You need to do is separate yourself from the other BG’s that are ruining this industry and specifically the style of protection you are doing. Body protection comes in many faces, Executive Protection, High Threat Protection, Executive Protection for high risk personnel and Bodyguard work. In as much as I am viewed and the snobby EP rebel, my only purpose is to clean it of trash. I respect what you do, it’s hard work, you have to be saavy and crafty. The main issue is that your brand of protection seemingly attracts the slime on the lower end of the protection scale and this is one case where BS trickles uphill. When you see the guys like on Patty Labelle screw up, speak on it. You lend credibility to your view of what is right. When you see guys come out and talk about Michael Jackson’s issues, write about it. The Amy Winehouse BG’s, give your views on it. Otherwise you are aquiescing to the ongoing problem. If your brother spilled milk on your kitchen counter and your mother kept blaming you for that, what would you do? Either tell her it was your brother or go to him. You’d only take the blame for so long before you’s say something. I’m tired of the spilled milk and I refuse to get blamed for it.

Two: Educate these celebrities so that they know that it is imperative for them to hire trained, and licensed BG’s in their ranks. Bodyguarding is a mindset and serves a specific sect in our society. But you can still be trained and professional. I have a local disposal man that has served my neighborhood for 15 years. Everyday he is very polite, and dresses in his WM uniform crisp as if he’s going to staff inspection.

Third: Start consulting and advising with authority. An after action report on the Jonas case should have brought up that the postings were insufficient and response was slow. Even the Agents on “W” during the infamous she throwing incident knew they were slow and flat footed. Conversely they were removed. The hero of that day was the President when he went into the Matrix and dodged the attack. There is nothing wrong with advising a client on recommendations. If they don’t take them, you’ve done your job. As soon as you see the time to, SPEAK UP.

Four: Start establishing an overall professional look. Dressing nice is not the professionalism I am referring to. Thats a suit and it looks just as good, if not better on the hanger. What I am talking about is start by stop bragging about who you are working now, who you worked last week, posting pictures of your clients and their faces. Use photoshop to mosaic their faces out. at least let them guess who they are. Here’s another reason why, If you brag that you are on Brittney Spears, that only tells me one thing, it won’t be for long. They change their BG’s like their underwear. Well maybe not in her case, but I digress. Establish longterm relationships that will forge other clients. Alleviate being a flash in the pan and get a name for yourself. Be a part of the Craft and not the Draft.

Lastly, I have personally surfed four (4) websites this week of guys on twitter that claim they are the “Number 1 choice of the celebrities”. One of ya’ll is lying. There can only be one number 1, Get together and figure out who is the 2nd, 3rd and 4th – 1st place losers

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