The power of the possible

Thoughts and ideas flow through our head like shooting stars throughout the day. We accept but dismiss many of them for various reasons. Mostly because we can’t conjure the gap between imaginary and reality.

To most people a 4″ pocket knife is considered a utility tool and possibly used as a necessity in the wilderness. But the 4″ blade was the limit a passenger could carry aboard a commercial plane prior to 9/11. Most of us had our own idea of what a hijacking looked like and more importantly what a weapon of mass destruction looks like. Hell, who would’ve classified an airplane as one, but in reality those 2 planes were used as weapons of mass destruction.

The possibilities that could be used for good are countless. Mark has an idea that he’s been sitting on that will turn the EP gear world upside down and I’m hoping he puts this idea into fruition.

My brother told me something a long time ago, “There are no new ideas per se” but there are possibilities of old ideas. He also said we don’t invest in the ideas but we invest in people. Our relationship with the person dictates whether we invest in their venture.

For those of you out there that are sitting and waiting to be pulled into a detail or a call sign list, the possibilities are there, you have to put that into play. I got a note from a former student. (Feb 2005) who is still waiting on his number to be pulled. Send me your bio and you’ve made the first step into the possibility.

From an EP standpoint when we do an advance we are technically looking for the possibility of an attack and mitigating that possibility with a proactive countermeasure.

In essence possibilities are forward thinking. We can’t change what happened yesterday. Tomorrow never comes. We can only change the NOW. Thinking about getting in shape? Keep putting off that extra training? Haven’t updated your CV or Bio and sent them out?

What’s your possibility of doing that?

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