The power of women

In this industry there is a void in female specialists available. This is not to say that there aren’t any, but I am referring to the ratio of good qualified male specialists to that of women.

I personally feel that this void is partly due to the protective culture viewed as an all male club. It takes a very strong woman to deal with the Alpha males and high testosterone views associated with the male saturated field. The comparison can be made with the way police departments and the military had to deal with integration of women years ago. They’ve passed that period of time, yet women still have a harder time fitting in the good ole boy networks.

In all of the years that I have done this as a specialist or as a company owner, I have NEVER had a client stolen nor any the other unscrupulous behavior I have talked about, committed by a female specialist.

Why is that? Partly due to the ratio and the fact that I have dealt with less of them than the numbers of males. What I truly believe is that women are inherently nurturers as opposed to men. They focus more on making sure everything is ok and the impression they leave on themselves.

There is a misnomer about female specialist that they are high maintenance and very sensitive to the culture. The other issue associated with women is that the males on the job can not be themselves. What does “being themselves” mean? It means acting in a manner that is condescending to a woman. Ask yourself, “Is that professional anyway?”. Lastly women won’t feel that their opinions matter.

The reality is that a well trained female specialist can be an asset to any detail. I know the jury is still out on this with the old school guys however they are the same ones that allow the status quo.

There are schools out here that target the female market and that is good, however if the EP companies don’t open their minds to it will be a waste of money.

For the female specialists reading this blog my advice to you is be aggressive with getting your name out there to vetted professional companies. You have to expose yourself and in by doing that you show a side of yourself that is important. That side is that you are not intimidated by the all male culture.

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