The price you pay to play

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been preparing for another trip to TX o train with the boys.
The net worth of my network paid off by getting a new plate Carrier and Blackhawk gloves from a very good friend.
Since then I’ve decided to juice up my M4 with a few anabolic items from Magpul, ASAP, ASR, and a BCM charging handle. Every vendor I reached out to is out of order of the main item I want. That’s the magpul ms2 single sling. The price on magpul’s site is $47.99. I called a local gun shop and it was a 100% mark up. Wow!!!
When is the next gun show. Dag. This
is crazy. Anyone know of any websites that have that sling in stock.
And yes, I have been bitten by the gear queer bug. Yet once again. Thanks Mark!!!

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