The primary objective is?

Think about it, we employ preventive techniques and measures, that if deployed properly will protect the person we are responsible for from Intentional harm, unintentional harm, and embarrassment. In some ways you can stretch the definition and put under the title of Loss Prevention Specialists: Prevent the loss of life and/or loss of reputation of the protectee. It’s a stretch but it is true. But the reality is that when we plug that pigtail in our ears we proudly call ourselves Executive Protection Specialists. So don’t get offended by my stretch in definitions.

Protection is a chess game of move, counter move. Once again, when you perform an advance, you are doing more than just giving a survey of the place, where we arrive, where we go and how we leave. If done properly, you are looking at vulnerabilities and making adjustments. Hence move counter move- classic chess methodology. The same applies to route advancing as well.

I would argue that Prevention is the most important ingredient in what we do. Prevention is the “Proactive thinking” aspect. Conversely you can say that the protection portion is the reactive aspect based on your preventative methods, however neither can survive effectively without the other. Ask yourself, what’s more important, the smoke detector or the fire extinguisher?

Clearly there is a thin line between the two but at the end of the day prevention needs to prevail in everyones mindset.

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