The progressives versus the dormant

Here we are in 2011 and our industry has grown to even compete amongst the highest industries in the world.  Post 9/11 has elevated our total security industry to elevations only seen by the cigarette industry in the past.  What amazes me is that there are many states that have kept abreast of the changes and evolution of executive protection and others that don’t have a clue.

What am I talking about?  Today, there are many states that don’t even mention executive protection in their licensing requirements.  Let me use my state as an example.  In order to perform executive protection in the State of Matyland all you need is a private investigators license.  If you meet the requirements as a PI then you can cross-work as an EP Specialist.  Florida is another example of this same thing.  Then there is VA, that requires a license for everything.  For example, a person that sells security camera equpiment cannot install or perform monitoring without the other two (2) licenses accordingly.  They require you to have a license for every job title imagineable.  I’m not mad at them but they take regulation to another level.

Washington, DC doesnt recognize any security without a uniform and they are specific as to what a uniform looks like.  Wake up DC.  Everyday, Teams com through your city and work in your backyard performing these services.  DC is so caught up on raising and enforcing parking violations, red light cameras, and speed traps to raise funds that it’s missing the boat on a billion dollar a year industry.  Companies would get around the rule by safeguarding their details by putting at least one off duty DC police officer on their staff.  The power of the badge afforded you many opportunities.  Before you accuse me of waking up a Giant, my purpose for this is to make the playing field fair and even.  If you work in VA unlicensed and the word gets out by anyone with a license, they will make the call to DCJS in Richmond.  You riske the chance of an investigator coming down in the middle of your OP and shutting you down and levying sanctions.  Albeit that they are shorthanded, you don’t want your name on their radar screen.  We are licensed in VA to operate but I gave up looking for work in VA years ago after getting burned by some unscrupulous catfish in that state that accused me of wrongdoing when I was legit.  The case was closed as unfounded however, I only work in VA when called upon.  I leave the fighting over clients to the catfish.  If a client calls, which they still do often, I will respond immediately and effectively.

Although I don’t like the term snitch, the fact remains that even as much as we protect others we need to protect our craft.  When we have people working in regulated or unregulated areas they are a reflection of the entire industry and we should understand that.

In as much as it sounds great, I don’t feel there will ever be a nationwide agreement across the board on what each jurisdiction will dictate as the requisite requirements for EP.  Conversely, there is a group out there that is trying to standardize the training.  It’s been talk for years and it has gone nowhere.  In the end we are still in the same place where we were 15 years ago every school teaching their rendition of what they feel is appropriate except in those jurisdictions that regulate EP.  If you compre at PPS license in VA and a PI license in MD, the only resemblance is that they both san perform EP.  Outside of that there is no common ground.  One has to be trained to do the work, the other is not.

If we don’t come on board with this we are going to wind up like the PSD arena.  One incident caused all kinds of regulations to come down that has some good yet restricts the capabilities that existed prior to the change.

What are we going to do, sleep or move?

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