The required certification

In VA the governing agency is DCJS. Each registered company must have a compliance agent. In the past 10 years I’ve used other persons as my compliance agent and paid them to do so.

Recently I’ve decided to attend the course and get certified for myself. So that’s where I am today. In Richmond, VA. Attending the all day class.

Okay I’m finished the compliance course and to be honest it was a long ass day. Alot of codes and regs and jockeying between the both. The test was an open book and of course yours truly passed with outstanding colors.

I am glad I took the class. There were a mixed bag of students in the class. Electronic security guy, PI’s, security officer companies and me, the only Personal Protection Specialist company. The high light of the day was when we were introducing ourselves there was another Hawaiian in the class. We hit it off immediately and he said that he was looking for an EP company to augment his company Prescient Edge.

The 2 hour ride was worth it.

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