The right to choose

I remain resolute in my stance that as a company I have the right to choose execute a contract with a client or not. It is imperative that we realize that all opportunity to make money is not always the best for us.

Conversely, as a specialist you should exercise your right with whom you work for. Just because the phone rings doesn’t mean good opportunity is on the other line. I live by the premise to not chase the dollar but chase your dream with your integrity protected right beside you.

You have to understand and realize that once you’ve lost your integrity, you’ve lost the key to every good opportunity, every promising knock on the door and an answer on the other end of the phone call.

You can survive making a mistake on a detail as long as the principal isn’t harmed, but when your integrity is marred you will be labeled a leper in this business.

Choose wisely the specialists you associate with, train with and mingle with. Guilt by association lives strong amongst us. I have to admit that there are a couple names looming out there that I have associated with as having the school “coodies” and everyone that works with them is affected with the same infection. These guys do everything with the poise of a professional, but the behavior or a crook. I am comfortable with my decision with this.

Although this blog may not be about formations, motorcades, shooting etc, but it will keep you alive. Alive in this industry.

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