The scope of EP

The definition and scope of EP has taken on a few more capabilities than in the beginning.

Purists stick to the pedigree definition of personal protection even though we are better defined as Mark says, “personnel” protection. The latter actually defines it better in the whole scheme of what we do. From the clients perspective we are their personal protection, however from a deliverable standpoint we protect personnel. Poe-tay-toe or poe-tah-toe right?

What can not be confused is that we have ventured into areas such as workplace violence as well as special event security. Clients have opted to have the higher end of the security spectrum securing these types of events or issues. The overwhelming rationale is that EP specialists are a higher caliber of security and have a vast decision making ability over a standard uniform guard. Whether you believe this or not, it is the reason. Notwithstanding the obvious overt reason of the overt uniform presence, there is a difference in mindset. That being said, there is also an expectation that paying more per person correlates to a higher standard of expectation in quick decision making.

Terminations have taken almost a front seat to the normal close in protection contracts. There is a proper to set up terminations that need to be consulted with the client on the front end before the Ferragamo’s hit the floor. Notice I didn’t say boots on the ground. What day of the week, time of day and location are just a couple of the recommendations we make. This is added value to your worth as a provider. Just showing up is not the way it should be done.

For those of you in the business, you need to keep your mental knife sharp on what our market is doing and evolving to. If you think that all we do is riding front right as a detail leader or shift leader, you are sadly mistakened.

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