The shift in protection

No this is not about the “shift” as known by the USSS close in element but the shift in what EP is doing.

We have transcended from the basic close in protection to overall personnel protection.

One of the more frequent calls we get now is for workplace issues such as terminations etc.

The key to Workplace (WP) calls is the set up. Getting the important information at the onset nearly ensures a successful ending.

We have set up a standardized procedure for the set up that pretty much makes the actual HR part seamless during the actual event and post event.

As I mentioned, the set up call gathers all of the pertinent information whereby we make recommendations such as; the preferred day of the week the termination should take place, who should and should not have contact with employee as well as whether local law enforcement should be notified based on extenuating circumstances.

Post procedure is just as important as the set up. We encourage the client to have the specialist remain until at least the close of business and in some cases based on the history, we may remain past that.

This is a new section in our EP course that we are including. Stay tuned for the next upcoming course.

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