The state of EP

I am in the upper northeast of the US working a client and heard a speech on the state of a class of people. The title sparked a fire in me to write my personal feeling on the state of EP.

We are at a crossroads in this craft whereby we have an opportunity to make a resounding name for ourselves and set a standard in the security realm. I always get on my soapbox about professionalism and will remain an advocate for that.

The topic I want to deal with today is the sense of elitism and classism in our industry. I grew up under the chuck Vance era whereby guys who made the decisions on whether you made the cut positioned themselves as the gatekeepers to the Vance mega ship. I remember my first interview going south when the guy who interviewed me seemed turned off by my state police background as an undercover officer. From his perspective I couldn’t offer anything to the Vance ship. Needless to say, he didn’t have the last word and the last I checked, I’ve outlasted him.

The classist and elitist still exists today. There are owner/operators and the like who feel that if you aren’t where they are or where they’ve been, you can’t offer anything to the industry nor are they willing to discuss this anything you.

We also have an issue with honestly getting together and discussing the direction in where we need to go. We spend more time trying to start more memberships that don’t amount to more than grown up boy scout troop and getting less done. If another organization starts I’m gonna lose my mind.

I’d like to get together with about 10 serious owners and specialists in this industry, with an agenda and mobilize. The topics to start with are fairly easy and our aim is just as simple.

We need to get to the mindsets of chuck Vance, Pete Gonzales and that regime. I will leave you all with this, if you’re not willing to be part of the solution then you are still a part of the problem. If you see the state of EP as good, then you’re asleep behind the wheel.

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