The Strauss-Kahn scenario

BPI is very familiar with the deal that Strauss-Kahn received today. He posted bail with home arrest and under the watchful eye of an armed security person.

During 2005-2007 BPI was hired by a law firm under court order to provide protection and security for flight risk of a client in MD and VA. Our protectee had threats against his life while under house arrest at the same time.

The whole concept of providing protection in conjunction with providing flight risk mitigation is a contradiction in mission sets. In its basic form you’re looking outbound for protection and in bound to alleviate escape of a prisoner.

We set up a protocol with a 2 man shift that covered each mission set. The dichotomy really meshed when we used former law enforcement specifically for the flight risk portion and protection specialist for the EP portion. I preferred using law enforcement personnel with no EP experience so that they would not confuse their priorities.

Our protectee/detainee went on daily walks so we exercised a formation that complimented both tasks at the same time. During the walks we paralleled the team with a vehicle as an additional precaution to both mission sets.

Irrespective of the security/detention aspects, we had to be mindful of the time and spacial restrictions that came with the protection detail and ankle bracelet. That was another non traditional EP task that was adhered to.

If anyone from the group that is assigned to Strauss- Kahn is reading this needs some consulting on this endeavor, you know how to contact me. Email or reply to this blog.

In the meantime 360 degrees of coverage means inward and outward.

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