The training evolution of EP

I tweeted this morning that there is in my opinion a systematic process in your training evolution when it comes to Executive Protection.  As I have screamed many times before you should never work or allow anyone to work in the business of protecting someone without proper training in that field.  Armed and unarmed security guard training is not even a prerequisite to feel you can do the job.  What you do is important but the basis of what you are trained to do is not surface level requisite understanding of how to work on a detail.

So the obvious is get in a qualified and reputable EP school.  If you are taking a course tha is sacntioned by the local governing body that oversees EP then the course structure is outlined and dictated by the local entity and not by the school.  Armed vs, unarmed EP training.  I have spoken that it is my earnest belief that if you have no firearms experience you should take an unarmed EP course.  Fact is, most details in the US are unarmed.

You’ve completed the course what’s next.  If you attended an unarmed course, now is the time to sign up for a basic handgun school to learn the nomenclature, and everything about the weapon and evolve into proper grip, draw, weapon presentation, site alignment, site picture and shooting with proper trigger pull.  If this school teaches defensive tactics you need to make sure you take that portion as well.

Driver school.  This is an overlooked platform by many specialists in the field.  They’d rather buy molded earpieces, new high speed holsters, lasers, bullet proof superman belts and get caught up reading every tactical and police catalogue.  Most attacks happen in or around a what? Vehicle.  The USSS spends more that 90% of their efforts on the motorcade, to include route planning etc.  Get into a good school.  You can start with Scotti.  Yea, you dip and swerve in an out of traffic on I-95, but that does not mean you know how to drive under duress, under attack or how to push vehicles.

CPR/First Aid-governing bodies mandate that courses that certify persons in their state as EP sepcialist require that thee is a CPR First aid component in the course.  This is the basic stuff for the cert.  I recommend that if you have the funding that you take as much medical as possible.   We have an EMT-I that works our details and I plan to attend Combat Med course in Nacadoches, TX this year.  I prefer that the med portion be implemented in your quiver before you decide to go to an advanced handgun course.  Either way, medical should be early in your career.

The specialty courses are out there as well: Detail leader school, Site advance schools, Assessment schools, however I think that there is a lost craft that needs to be done before you attend any of these and it has nothing to do with shooting and scooting and that is a writing course.  You will find that your ability to write in a cogent manner, elevates your net worth in this industry as well as with your clients.  Don’t take that recommendation lightly and stop laughing.  Have you read some of the emails that your receive from your friends?  Read them again and ask yourself, if they are writing like they talk.  That’s improper writing.  Then ask yourself would a CEO receive that well?  This no child left behind mess started years ago.

Remember, the order is as important as where you go but the bottom line is stop working untrained and get in a course

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