The Unofficial “official” follow car

Let me start by defining the redundancy of the title. If you’re ever co-mingled alongside official protection, meaning USSS and/or DSS and I have with both, you must be cognizant of your responsibilities.

Let me go over what you’re not responsible for. First, you are Not responsible for the same thing an official follow is tasked with. Meaning, legally you can not do aggressive blocks, offsets etc. All local laws apply to you as a private citizen and the fact that you’ve tagged along with them does not exonerate you from legal action. Secondly, if your actions result in damage or harm, guess what? Not only are you responsible, but a good attorney will go after the government entity.

There is a fine line between being effective and not caught up in the moment. I must say that call sign No Chow gets it. Throughout this week as we moved to and from the RON to our destinations he captained the follow vehicle in a manner that brought him accolades from the driver of the official limo.

Understanding your role and responsibilities is something that is not always learned but an innate ability to task mentally throughout an evolving process of who we really are and our mission set. Once official protection is on the scene, your role with the protectee and the primary team is of support and fill in the gaps.

Don’t let your ego get the best of you when you get reduced to junior varsity because guess what? You’re still in the detail and maybe, just maybe you will gain some confidence with the official team

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