The void

There are so many faces in this boutique shop of ours within the total realm of Security. Not too long ago EP was that small mom and pop store trying to survive in the Super Mall of Security. Guys like Chuck Vance
stormed the beaches of security with his name and USSS pedigree. But can it be said that it was his client base that catapulted him to the “Top”? Clearly his past accomplishments and forays with the USSS gave him the background to speak, but I truly don’t feel that he took the helm and guided us to a known entity.
We survived in the mid to late 90’s like a 70’s clothing fad. Clients looked for our craft only when they knew they needed our special style of security. Many uneducated clients continued to use standard security guards in plain clothes.

But in my humble opinion we came to the forefront when PSD became a household name. I personally think that the unfortunate Fallujah incident put us on the skyline, but in an way that we had to defend ourselves. Discreet EP shops expended energy to separate Porfessional discreet EP from High Threat Protection Security. I’ve lost count of how many clients have said, “I want non Blackwater types” This isn’t a dig at BW, XE but the uninitiated only had that as a gauge for what they wanted and didnt want.
Today the lines are clear, yet behind the scenes we see operators coming back home trying to tone down their ferrari personalities and training to fit in the corporate arena.
The other overwhelming issue is there needs to be a clear separation from what we do and the stereotypical bodyguards do and are still doing. There needs to be a clear line drawn in the sand between us and these thugs perpetrating our craft and I attack this everyday.

My question is this: With all of the so-called experts out here, there isnt one voice that stands out in my mind that I can lay my hat on and say, ” He/She speaks for all of us”. Maybe I am dreaming, but there seems to be a void in this little shop of ours. There are so many issues and ideas that need to be cultivated. Universal training, licensing, NDA’s, client confidentiality etc, just to name a few.

Personally, I blog daily on the issues and topics that many of our so-called Experts won’t broach, for whatever reasons they have. For instance, yesterday I blogged on Port Liaisons. Most schools don’t even skim over this valuable asset, let alone know how to cultivate them for your use.

Here is the secondary question, what makes one an Expert? Just because you’ve amassed a slew of clients doesnt mean you are an expert, it can also mean that you’ve fooled a slew of people in getting work. Just because you have a school and have pumped out students in the EPSphere, should that systematically qualify you as an expert? I think not. Let’s face it, this thing of ours is very attractive to many. Sadly as it may sound, many of the people in this business, don’t have any business being in it.

So I will continue to stand on my corner, doling out my pamphlets on the TRUTH of EP, focusing on what is RIGHT will reveal what and who is wrong.

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