The winds of change

I don’t ever want to come across as a know-it-all nor do I profess that I do. What I do know is what has worked for me and definitely what has NOT worked for. What I try to do in this medium is to convey those things to help, guide and alleviate those receptive specialists through the words in this blog.

A standard is something that has never changed in the BPI or Boanerges Group belief system. For instance, being on time will always be non negotiable.

Paperwork: there is a BPI way of turning in paperwork that will always remain. Ask anyone who has worked for me and they will tell you that I am an SOB when it comes to paperwork, how it’s completed and submitted.

When it comes to appearance I think the winds of change have blown Over me. Apparel is still the same. Conservative dark suits, three button max. I never have a problem with a specialist out dressing a client. Let me explain. The attire of the day is suit and tie. The client shows up with a JCPenney stafford suit and we show up in tailored suits, cufflinks and Hugo boss ties. We’ve outdressed the client. What I won’t allow is someone out flashing the client. Same scenario and specialist shows up with a larges pinned striped suit, spectator shoes, gold tie chain and hand watch with a chain extending from the watch pocket. Thats too flashy. Instead of blending in professionally you’re looking like a numbers runner from American gangster. Not a good fit. Sad part about this is that some of you are laughing at the picture I’ve painted but someone is thinking that there’s nothing wrong with it. Crazy part is you may e following one of these guys on twitter or connected to them on linkedin.

In the beginning of my career I forbid beards in corporate EP gigs. I think, no I’m certain, this was a bleed over from my Maryland state police days when facial hair was forbidden.

As the prominence of HTP or PSD operators came out, the visibility or vision of a well groomed beard became acceptable and appealing to me, key word “groomed”. Not shady Grady from Sanford and Son. In fact I have occasionally donned a beard during working a corporate client. Winds of change!

There are other evolutions that I have seen and shifted to over the years. Change is inevitable. How you change and what you change all depends on what you’re comfortable with. But Professionalism has to be the prevailing word at the end of the day

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