There is too much going on

There is so much going on in the world, that if you really sit back and look at it, you have to pick and choose what really applies to us.  I blogged about the “Occupy Wallstreet” protests that is being broadcast in the first three (3) minutes of every news station.  Yet, as we get start dissecting the possibilities on how that affects our industry, lo and behold there is a terror plot to assassinate the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia here in US soil.

What should take precedence in your brain housing group?  The fact that the protesters are directly speaking about our corporate clients or that middle eastern factions are making attempts to bring their form of terror here in the nations capitol?  Surely, you aren’t going to consult your corporate client and tell them that they need to “up” their security profile based on the assassination plot but you should be advising them on the possibilities that the protest could change their threat profile.

Meanwhile, while you start sifting through the distinctions, you are still keeping you ears open to what the other experts are spewing out in the industry about how we should be managing these assorted issues.  What you find yourself doing is categorizing issues as:

  • Global threats that can affect my client and their interests abroad
  • Local issues that I need to address and,
  • Overall security issues that can affect both

The problem becomes when it all starts looking the same.  What happens in Iraq against Americans should not be swept under the “It’s an Iraq only” problem.  The reason is that the hatred towards our citizens abroad is hatred to ALL of us everywhere.  You need to remember that there are sleeping cells, or sympathizers everywhere that only need a slight nudge to wake the sleeping bear in them and act out.  Timothy McVeigh didn’t check all the blocks of the standard matrix and you know how that story ended.

In the end, ALL of it matters directly and indirectly.  Today’s threat mainly comes from the root cause of hatred and the end result is setting an example through mass casualties.  Keep your intel concise and meaningful to the specific task at hand.

The Iran incident may not directly effect John Smith from company ABC directly, however indirectly we can surmise that the threats that have been associated with the middle east have crossed the borders to middle America.

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