Thin line between love and hate

Thin line between love and hate
Anyone that has seen this movie remembers the seriousness between the hostile character portrayed by Lynn Whitfield and comedic peeps of Martin Lawrence.

The enamored psyche of a woman scorned can parallel that of a true fanatic. Fanatics come in all levels. We use the term fan as a calm version of what the root word really means. Religious or philosophical fanaticism can be very critical if not viewed in its perspective.

Even as we study cases where fanatics have performed the ultimate crime of murder on behalf of the person by whom they are overwhelmed with, the same holds true when people are willing to do anything to see, touch, and gain close proximity of the person they are attempting to gain the attention of.

Today as we ferried our protectee out of a secondary exit, the followers rushed to the exit with a look on their faces that depicted a focus on intent.

As I barricaded access to the principal I was encountered by women with children who were wiling to sacrifice everything they loved to get closer. What I did was addressed them individually to gain eye contact, which took them out of their intended focus. Essentially I diverted and averted them. There was no use of force nor did I have to use hand gestures. The split second of grabbing their attention allowed us to get our principal in the limo and off the “X”.

Given the same situation can you honestly say that you would have done the same thing? I’m not saying that what I did was the end all be all, but I was conscious of not physically touching anyone with all the cameras flashing.

Critical thinking coupled with effective results is far more effective than a huge body in a black suit. As master Lloyd Irvin says, ” Hard work will always beat talent, when talent refuses to work hard”

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