To be EARLY is to be on time. To be on time is to be LATE!

Everyone around me knows that I am stickler about time. I have no room for guys/women in my network who have timeliness issues.

My father instilled this in me at an early age. In fact I remember him asking my mother what time she wanted to leave for an event that she wanted to go to. She said, “2:30 pm”. He replied, “2:30?”. She said, “yes”. The day of the event came and when 2:30 came we left. Without her!!!! She knew how my father was wired and the fact that he asked her a week in advance gave her 7 days to get ready for the 2:30 departure. I felt bad for her but I understood my fathers rationale.
When it comes to work-start time and report time are totally different. If the start time of the shift is 0900 I tell me specialist to be on location at 0830. This gives me ample time to assign postings as well as brief everyone.

Start time means on-station. When a client signs a contract and it dictates a start time I expect all of my specialists to be on station working. I have sent people home for being late, missing movements with clients as well as missing a flight to get to the AO.

I understand that sometimes there are unforeseen factors that occur. But it’s been my experience that tardiness is inherent in many people and being on time has always been an issue with them.
Preparation starts within each of us. Leave early, allow for traffic issues and arrive on time.

The 12 P’s-Piss poor preparation promotes piss poor performance. Piss poor performance promotes pain.

Aleviating 7 P’s-Proper pre-preparation prevents piss poor performance!!!!


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