To sit or stand?

This may come as a violation of the norm, a conflict of the hardcore but I wanted to at least open your minds to something to at least think about.

You’re working a special event or you’re arriving at a venue where your principal is speaking. The standard is normally to post guys near and around the stage. But let’s say it’s an event where standing brings about too much attention to the security team and takes away from the event. Whether you want to believe it or not there are clients out there that are sensitive to the overt presence of security. This is what I want to address in this blog.

There is nothing wrong with having guys strategically seated within the venue. Seat placement needs to be pre set and reserved as “staff” so to not telegraph your positions.

Normally front rows are reserved for VIP’s and staff members however we have been able to acquire end/aisle seats. That way you can see anyone approaching the stage.

The other sore thumb in the private arena is muscle heads standing right in front of the stage. The USSS can get away with this and for the most part guests don’t even notice them because they are enamored with POTUS. The other factor is that they are accepted as part of the furniture in the room. But in the private sector security raises questions especially if the footprint is so prevailing.

Sitting helps you blend in with the surroundings and affords you the ability to perform surveillance detection without first being spotted as security.

It works and by no way am I saying that in ALL situations should security personnel be seated but I am giving you rationale that affords you alternatives in discretion. Try it out.

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