Top 10 reasons you need to go back to training

10-If the signature on your training certificate says Giv’um Lumps Johnson

9-your idea of an advance is making a pass at the opposite sex

8-the terms detail lead or shift lead mean a dance step

7-if your suit coat has more buttons than 3 of the guys on your team put together.

6-when someone screams contact right, you turn and go to contact them

5-you sleep with your sunglasses on just to be ready in case the client needs to leave quickly

4-your hero is Kevin Costner.

3-upon arrival you tell the protectee, “wait right here until we park the car”

2-when you’re down to 2 lives left out of the 9 you started with

The number 1 reason you know you need more training
When you ask the client if you can stop for a coffee before his first meeting

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