Train that biggest weapon that you have

This weapons subject has raised alot of commentary and off line conversation between me and specialists as well as me and school owners.
What got me in this tirade was the infatuation amongst people in this vast industry about weapons handling, usage and qualifications.

The overwhelming desire of guys nowadays and their weaponry has caused a flag to go up in my perspective. In most US based details we mainly go unarmed. Statistics show that a client is more than likely to suffer from embarrassment or unintentional harm than from an attack. This is not to diminish the possibility but it’s also more likely to be shot from a sniper overseas than in the US yet guys in this industry look for a snipers nest before they pick up a wet floor.

The shift should be back on training the best weapon in your kit-the brain that controls the mindset.

Without the proper mindset I am afraid that some of these gun crazed specialist is going to produce their weapon in a no shoot situation whereas someone with proper training and the mindset that goes with it will respond differently. The protocol is alert, shield and move. There is no command to shoot. That doesn’t mean that part of your element doesn’t engage when appropriate, however the emphasis is to get off the “X”. I am speaking specifically to the US based specialists that do corporate or private EP here. PSD operators need not apply in this scenario. You guys have an approved vetting situation.

I am becoming absolutely against introductory firearms training in a basic 5 EP course and I have articulated why over the last 2 days.

This is not a plug in anyway but minister has been working with the boys in Texas and come up with a defensive firearm course. Specifically tuned for EP specialists. The reason is that someone with proficient firearms handling still does not qualify specifically his skill set to performing EP. The shoot no shoot training specifically trains to mindset. That surge in the training will elevate the gradient scale and then you’ll really see who can shoot.

I’ve feverishly been looking at EP schools and their weapons training and I am ashamed of what I’m seeing. Instructors sweeping each other as they go through the course. Joking and horse play in a live firing line. If teaching someone how to shoot is funny then do paintball. No one is going to laugh when they found out an important point you were making was masked by the dirty Johnny joke you thought was more important.

I did see some mindset drill I liked on Travis Haley’s site named twister, and others.

Training your mindset is important
Because that gun will be an extension of a well oiled machine or an idiot.

Remember doing push ups is not training. Its exercising. Push ups in conjunction with other body movements in succession is training. Just like going to the range and shooting paper is not training. But if you work on multiple things thing you are training.

Train your brain to know when to shoot and not shoot. John Wayne is dead. He need not apply in this industry.

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