Trying not to telegraph

So I finally arrived in Paris and had to run to my next gate through a customs choke point followed by another security check point with a 30 minute window. I get to my gate and they were making the last boarding call. I finally get to my seat and let a sigh of relief.
I land in Nice about an hour and 30 minutes later, go to baggage claim and the horror of the shade looms in my mind as I see everyone grab their bag and leave. In my mind I hear florida Evans from “Goodtimes” screaming, “Damn, Damn, Damn!” as the reality kicked in that my bags didn’t make it with me. I go to the baggage claims and submit a report. All is well, it will be delivered at the hotel by noon.

I exit the hotel and meet my driver (same one from last year) and enter the 2011 S550. Damn again. I requested a range rover so that I could blend in when we arrived at the very popular hotel and not stick out to the onlookers who are trying to get a glimpse of celebrities coming and going. As we entered the world famous half circle I noticed the tourists from the carnival cruise ship lurking at the famous hotel. The attention is not comforting to me and yet as I exited the car people were trying to figure out who I was. The hotel staff remembered me but their overwhelming and overt customer service towards me put me on the skyline.

Now I have to go into the bag of tricks to pull off the advance without the word getting out on when the arrival is, as well as see if that offer still in on the table for using the alternative arrival and departure locations. I will keep you abreast of how I pull this rabbit out of the hat.

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