Turning frustration into energy

I have had numerous calls and emails regarding my blog yesterday regarding Kris Herzog and the 2 former bodyguards for Michael Jackson. The blog went viral with 100% in agreement with my summary. At the end of the day I was glad to see that so many people were paying attention to the attention I try to bring to certain behavior in our craft. But at the end of the day what do we do?

It’s fine that those of us professionals can vent and moan, scream and shout, and fuss and fight in our own private corners. But nothing will change until we turn outboard and speak directly to the periphery. So how do we do that?

From my perspective, and I must repeat, MY perspective there is a contingent of men/women out there that are providing protective services the wrong way unbeknownst to themselves. Then there are the Kris Herzog’s that literally operate unscrupulously with no regard to the industry, the client or himself.

The focus should be on the entity operating erroneously without intent. They are like children that have been set out to fend for themselves without proper parenting. The ones operating in malice are the bad apples that know the difference between right and wrong and choose wrong. In the end they are both ruining the industry but I am will g to give somewhat of a reprieve to the ones that literally don’t know any better.

So how do we do it? I put off an idea that I had proposed doing a couple months ago and now it is better timing in lieu of the current events. That idea is going to be a series of webinars. Before you get excited, they will not be training modules but should be viewed as web town meetings with an agenda.

I have enough True experts in my reach that will be interested in participating. I welcome everyone to participate, whether you agree with the terrible trend in the industry of if you want to defend what I view as wrong. All perspectives are welcomed.

I am teaching this week with themtms and will put together a series of agenda topics.

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  1. Kris Herzog

    Kris Herzog’s Current Federal Dept of Justice Background check is at the top of my website, please review & delete your previous UNTRUE story about him http://www.KrisHerzog.com
    The facts: ZERO criminal history, NO client injuries in 47 years. The continued respect of our 200 plus clients to be allowed to continue to use their copyrighted trademarked likeness and images on our websites: http://www.TheBodyguardGroup.com and http://www.KrisHerzog.com

    The ONLY photo’s and videos on our site are there at the REQUEST of the client.

    Thank You,
    Richard Davis for our 700 U.S. Veteran members and
    Kris Herzog,
    United States Veteran
    and Owner of The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills,
    a 47 year old FREE job placement referral group for our fellow U.S. Veterans.

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