Two Specialist Series-Pt. 1 (The anabasis)

As I journeyed through the One Specialist series and touched on some parts of the dilemmas that the single specialist has to go through, do not think that it gets easier with two (2). In fact, as a single specialist you are responsible for 2 people, you and the protectee. With another specialist you are responsible for 3. Let’s take the principal out of the equation for the sake of this topic.

Having asecond specialist allows you to split part of the responsibilities on the front end. For the sake of this blog we are NOT relegating the second specialist as a driver. He is part of the protective sphere. An extra specialist can be deployed to advance half if not all of the locations as well as contacting the POC’s which leaves the detail leader or AIC to handle client relations and issues with the protectee. If you opt to have the second specialist to handle the advance package of the detail, he/she must be able to articulate all of the information to you in a concise and succinct manner. Inability to gather and articulate efficiently is a major problem in this industry. If you are working with a junior specialist you may have to have him/her write down specifically what it is that you need as well as the questions you need asked at each location. There is nothing worse than a grown man or woman that can not hold a conversation using the Kings english. Within 1 minute of the conversation, most people will write them off as unassured or just plain uneducated.

The bigger decision is how you employ that second specialist. There are many options in this situation. Do you punch him ahead as a site person. Do they ride in the front right of the follow vehicle and then push forward 5 mike out or just maintain the follow until arrival and deploy as a standard arrival. For me I would rather have my second specialist on the apron, or curbside upon my arrival. The reason is this-

  1. He/she can assess the arrival and communicate to me
  2. meet the POC’s if there are any
  3. Advise of any changes

Upon arrival he/she will operate as a mix between a site specialist and an assistant detail leader/shift leader. They will scan the driver’s side of the victor to reascertain that the are is clear. Then give me the signal that the area is clear to open doors. As I exit the vehicle he/she will push forward and turn, facing the limo to secure the drivers side of the vehicle. As I let the principal out he instructs the principal to follow him in. I fall behind the principal and we proceed in. In most situations, the site specialist is not part of the protective formation, however in this particular 2 man scenario we don’t have a site person per se. What I did was “Push” my second protective specialist ahead. Once we are out of the victor, he/she is back on the protective sphere.

Let’s do a little math here. If you have 2 pecialists on a principal and you utilize that other specialist to push forward to the next site, the next room in a venue, remember you’ve just dedicated 50% of your close-in to another security task. You have 100% of the responsibility now and he/she is responsible for 100% of the task given. That being said, when they are performing that specific task, you are back on the one specialist series.

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