Use of force

Often spoken about in the coffee shops. But just as many times read about in civil proceedings in court.

The use of force can be explained in many ways but the application of force will always assuredly be second guessed by a high priced attorney on cross examination.

Does your company have a force continuum policy? Does it make everyone read, acknowledge and sign that document? If you are a company, you better and if you are a specialist you need to be wary of any company
that doesn’t broach this subject.

If you put your hands on someone, you own them and better be prepared to articulate why you did. In every state in these United States, the mere touching of someone is considered battery. If you do that in the performance of your duties, you’ve just vicariously included your client. To bring this subject home- the blog from yesterday could be described like this. The actions of the 3 thugs working on behalf of Patti Labelle literally put her purse in jeopardy. She might as well had exited the car and took a swing too because she’s going to have to pay as if she did.

There is a escalation from talking someone away to the extreme measure of deadly force. As you progress up the continuum you have to defend why you moved up the ladder of force.

The other issue can be is that if you immobilize someone, you are deemed responsible for that persons welfare. Literally speaking, if I use OC spray and leave that person and he/she gets hurt due to my usage, I can be deemed liable.

Remember, civil and criminal are different. You can be cleared of criminal charges but lose the civil case.

Remember that the punch you thrower wind up a punch to your own gut in the end.

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