Vetting goes both ways

About 2 months ago I was working a detail with one of my guys and he told me that a mutual colleague was very busy with a new client whom he had been doing alot of overseas traveling with. He went on to say that the client was very generous by tipping our friend before and after each trip. He stated that the client was doing undisclosed business in Africa.

Just last week he told me that our mutual friend had been arrested with his client by the government on said continent. According to news articles, the client and others, including the protection specialist had been placed under arrest for suspected illegal activity in that country.

There are other factors in this case that I won’t mention so that I can keep my friends identity anonymous. The point is this (and I’ve told mark this numerous times) ALL MONEY AIN’T GOOD MONEY!

I’ve mentioned in a previous blog that I was asked to provide residential security for a famous rap star whom I know had been involved in shootings and had others in the business targeting him. I refused to engage in the detail. Not because of the threat, but because I knew he and his entourage engaged in illicit drug use and activity. For me, it wasn’t worth risking company and my livelihood for a daily billable slot and to make a bodyguards claim that we protected so-and-so.

Shortly after we refused to put our name in the hat, the residence burned down and he was suspected of arson and attempted murder. No charges were filed but it would have put me and my company on the skyline.

So when those little hairs on the back of your neck stand up don’t ignore them, listen to that 6th sense and vet the client before you chase the red cent.

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