Warrior Mindset and EP Mindset

We’ve all been inundated with the recent news of UBL and the heroic precision of the Dev Group. In fact, the whole premise of the silent professional has gone out the window.
The only people we haven’t heard from is the actual team members on the OP. I watched CNN and a former seal team 6 operator Howard Wasdin was promoting his book, “memoirs of a seal team 6 sniper”. So much for silence. Eric Haney broke the ice with his book a couple years ago and that spawned the series, “The Unit”. Dalton Fury wrote the book, “To kill Bin Laden”. And there are others. But it seems that the silence and professional only lasts until the need for the loud prosperity takes over.

That brings me to my point in our industry. The insatiable urge to run to the hills and scream and shout like a minuteman, ” the British are coming, the British are coming!”, is a cancer that has festered over time.

In many cases I don’t reveal details with specialists on my call out list. If they know I’m going to be working a detail and ask, I politely tell them I can’t talk about it.

The fact that I can say that on 9/12/2001 me and Mark and a couple other guys had a run in with UBL’s brother is not disclosing nor violating client privacy. And that’s a true story.

Todays 24 hour media has bred Americans to be thirsty for breaking news. Cable tv is like crack. Heck, we can watch the entire flintstones series in one day. When I was growing up it came on once a week and took a year to see the entire series. Dont feed into the desire to be famous.
Silent is just that – quiet
Professional- an expert at ones work


  1. Rod

    Richard Marcinko, founder of SEAL Team Six, had a lot to say about the team that HE founded. Doesnt that lend to the fact that one-day, one-day the actual shooter of seal team -six to have killed Bin-Laden will one day make money for his detailed accounts of what happened.

  2. BPI Security

    My inner quest for information says yes I hope so. But the professional side of me says I hope he/they don't.

    Marcinko was railroaded by the navy after he put that unit together and basically felt he had no compelling reason to remain silent. That's his personal rationale. I have to respect that and read.

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