Watching it unfold

I’m working for a client that has a speaker arriving that has an advance agent doing an advance.
The advance agent is getting impatient because the venue security manager is nowhere to be found.

He finally shows up and we do the walk. The event host shows up after the walkthrough and tries to convince the advance agent to bring the speaker/protectee to another holding room off of his orchestrated path.

The advance agent tells him that’s not on his schedule. Theres a deafening silence followed by the agent saying, “are we good?”. Conversation ended.

I tried to tell the host that when it comes to official protection and high profile government officials they don’t give up alot of leeway for unscheduled movements within a pre set time. They are on a clock.

I don’t have any influence on how and what they do.

Anyone have any other way they would have handled the situation?

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