We are in DC. Can we operate here!

The District of Columbia is probably the unfriendliest location when it comes to weapons and more specifically executive protection.

DC gun laws are so abstract and convoluted that if you have one it
pretty much can’t even be loaded. In a city where gun related crimes are among the highest in the nation, it’s literally a place where the bandits out number the good guys.

I remember back some time ago one of the biggest opponents on guns was Carl Rowan. He spoke every opportunity he had to speak against legal gun possession. Funny thing is that he shot a kid he caught swimming in his pool. Go figure.

This blog is about the ability, or should I say the inability to work EP in DC. The DC regulations on security only apply to uniform security guards. That’s right people they only recognize uniform security. Now, if you’re like me you can look at that in 2 ways. Just because it’s not regulated does not mean you can’t work it. It means exactly what it says. It’s not regulated, meaning they haven’t applied all of the Gestapo rules as some of the neighboring areas. We all know who I’m referring to.
The key to DC is being professional and always keeping in mind that discretion is the key to success. Too much attention is not good anyway. The pros and cons to overt vs covert coverage is another blog. But in this case it’s better to be unseen. No window licking and pushing people around.
The key is understanding the rules or lack thereof and operate appropriately.

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